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CIEPE2015 OVERSEAS PARTNER WANTED Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Environmental Risks in Key Areas during the “12th Five-Year Plan” The State Council Distributes the Welcome to CIEPE 2014 Project Matching around Bohai Area supports CIEPE

With the rapid development of the industrialization, the urbanization and new rural construction, 
China is suffered from serious issues: overpopulation, congestionand pollution.The
 contradictions among industrialization, urbanization and climate change need to be solved. At
Present, China has put forward clearly about aim of the carbon intensity of 2020, which is
declined to 40% to 50% on the basis of carbon intensity of 2005. Green, environmental
protection, low carbon and sustainable development have become the main direction of
urbanization development in a new round.

CIEPE is committed to provide a highend, professional and international platform to exchange
technology, promote brand and explore business opportunities for relevant enterprises of
environmental protection at home and abroad. 

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Welcome to you online regisition
Welcome to you online regisition
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